A Dali Sketchbook is out now!

Picturesque Dali Prefecture sits in the foothills of the Himalaya, for a thousand years the central, bustling hub of China’s southern Silk Road. This book gathers in one volume the sketches and notes of British illustrator Jason Pym who has lived in Dali for more than a decade. Topics range from local cuisine, crafts, religion, history, flora and fauna, and everything in between.

The English version is now available as a PDF from Lulu, or you can get it from Gumroad:

And for information about the Chinese version, here is an overview of the book, reviews, and pictures from the book launch and book signings.


  1. Hi lao wan! How’s it going?
    I’m one of your readers from Dali. I happen to see your book on Taobao recently and bought it without hesitation.And I was thrilled after reading it. I live Dali old town for twenty four years near Er hai gate and I am kind of ashamed that I don’t even know some of the information in your book as a local people. Things depicted in your book remind me of old times when I was little. Like 饵块,本主,花蜘蛛,赶该…sometimes there’s tears in my eyes. I never thought Dali meant so much to me. it’s the resource of my spiritual life, it’s part of me, it’s in my blood. Every road that I had walked on, Every corner I had been to is depicted in the map. I can’t explain myself in words.

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