British artist Jason Pym has exhibited in the UK, America and China, and illustrated for Penguin Books, Time Out and Financial Times’ magazine. A long-term resident of China, for the last ten years he has made his home in Dali, Yunnan province, where the landscape and history have made a rich subject for his paintings.

Jason works primarily in watercolours, also employing inks, pencils, acrylics and other media. He is largely self-taught, taking inspiration from Western artists such as Peter de Sève and Josh Kirby, as well as Chinese artists including Xie Yousu (谢友苏) and Ye Yuzhong (叶毓中). His artistic aim is to communicate the joy and fascination in simple human experience, whether that be a walk in the woods or a busy market, drawing attention to the often overlooked details of day to day life.

Born in 1974, Jason grew up in rural England just outside Cambridge. He studied Chinese and Japanese language at Leeds University, making his first visit to China in 1993 as a student. In 2000 he moved to Shanghai and worked for several years as a translator for HSBC, Marvel Comics and Starwood Hotels. However he never lost his childhood love of drawing, and began submitting illustrations to various business and entertainment magazines. When Penguin Books opened offices in China he joined the company as illustrator and designer to promote the publisher to a new audience. His personal project A Dali Sketchbook (《大理外传》) was published May 2017.

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Floor 2, D Building, The Art Factory, No. 56 Cangping Street, Dali Old Town, Yunnan province, China Post Code: 671003
云南省大理古城苍坪街56号大理床单厂文化创意园D栋2楼艺术空间 邮编 671003
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2013, August – Present, Song Sisters Cafe, Dali, Yunnan, China
2013, February – Present, Xiao Duan’s Kitchen, Dali, Yunnan, China
2014, November – 2015, October, Area 51, Dali Art Factory, Dali, Yunnan, China
2012, December – 2013, May, Bakery 88, Dali, Yunnan, China [blog post]


英国艺术家万哲生 (Jason Pym) 的作品在中国、英国和美国都展览过,他的插画曾在《TimeOut》杂志、金融时报和企鹅图书发行。长居中国的他过去十三年来定居大理,他以大理的历史和文化为灵感来源,成为他的画的丰富素材。

万先生主要采用水彩为绘画媒介,也利用彩色墨水、彩铅、丙烯颜料和其他媒介。自学绘画的他从Peter de Sève、Josh Kirby、谢友苏及叶毓中的作品中得到灵感。他的艺术使命是传达对简单的人类经验的喜悦和迷恋,不管是爬山还是赶集,他总能用绘画体现经常被人们忽视的日常生活场景的细节和魅力。

他 1974 年出生在英国东南部赫特福德郡长大,从英国利兹大学中文系毕业以后1993年第一次来中国。2000年他搬到上海,为汇丰银行、漫威公司和喜达屋酒店做翻译工作。企鹅图书在中国初设办公室时他作为企鹅御用插画师及平面设计师创造了大量生动活泼中国读者喜闻乐见的插画作品和周边产品。他的第一本著作《大理外传:一个英国人的大理速写本》2017年由读库出版。