A Dali Sketchbook – English language version now out

So finally I put together my only English language version of the book, you can find it as a PDF on Lulu or buy it from Gumroad here:

Picturesque Dali Prefecture sits in the foothills of the Himalaya, for a thousand years the central, bustling hub of China’s southern Silk Road. This book gathers in one volume the sketches and notes of British illustrator Jason Pym who has lived in Dali for more than a decade. Topics range from local cuisine, crafts, religion, history, flora and fauna, and everything in between.

I’m on national tv (!)

When promoting The Dali Sketchbook I was interviewed for local television and radio, but this is the first time I’ve been on national tv, CCTV13 the China Central Television news channel. It’s for a segment on foreigners living in China (‘I Love China’, 我爱你中国). Not sure why they picked me, but very happy they did – and it was filmed when my family were here over Christmas. Here tiz:

Chongqing TV interview

Short news piece about the book launch for A Dali Sketchbook in Chongqing. Made by the entertainment channel on Chongqing’s local tv station (CQTV娱乐), the programme is called Chongqing Entertainment Live (渝乐现场).

While we were there I was also interviewed on Chongqing Music Radio (重庆音乐广播:音乐风情之旅) by Hu Wei (胡玮). Here’s a link to the broadcast, you need to fast forward to an hour in to hear my bit.

Book signings in Chongqing, Chengdu and Kunming

So after the book launch in Dali we went on to do book signings in three more cities, first up was Chongqing. Thank you to the ever lovely Chong Chong (虫虫) and Ninuo Art Centre (尼诺艺术中心) who did the organising and put us in touch with Chongqing Radio. And to Sinba (段新宇) from the British Consulate-General who has not only helped with all kinds of things consular, but also invited Chongqing TV to film the event.

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