Your favourite books

A bookshop in Kunming (大象) is asking various authors to list their favourite books. They then put all the books on a shelf for people to browse, and if you find them interesting you can scan the accompanying QR code and follow them on social media.

But there’s a catch, your book choices have to fit certain categories, which really irritated me at first but having done it I actually like this better. It makes you think.

So here are the questions:

The most important book(s) in your life?
A book for a beginner and another for an expert in your professional field?
If an alien visited earth, what one book would you give them?
What book changed your life/changed how you view the world?
What book would you give to your (romantic) partner?
What books are a refuge (make you happy and calm)?
Books on health and personal finance?
Three books by your favourite author?
A book for each season (spring, summer)?
Your favourite three films and albums?
Recommend books that came out in the last year?

It’s really hard!

Here are my answers (plus the Chinese editions, if available):

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Best ad ever

In Kunming’s Zhuanxin Market (篆新市场) a market stall is using my book (A Dali Sketchbook) as an ad to sell Dali cheese (乳扇). Just amazing – a Yunnan market seller using an Englishman’s book to sell Yunnan cheese to other Yunnanese. I couldn’t be more proud.