Chongqing TV interview

Short news piece about the book launch for A Dali Sketchbook in Chongqing. Made by the entertainment channel on Chongqing’s local tv station (CQTV娱乐), the programme is called Chongqing Entertainment Live (渝乐现场).

While we were there I was also interviewed on Chongqing Music Radio (重庆音乐广播:音乐风情之旅) by Hu Wei (胡玮). Here’s a link to the broadcast, you need to fast forward to an hour in to hear my bit.

Book signings in Chongqing, Chengdu and Kunming

So after the book launch in Dali we went on to do book signings in three more cities, first up was Chongqing. Thank you to the ever lovely Chong Chong (虫虫) and Ninuo Art Centre (尼诺艺术中心) who did the organising and put us in touch with Chongqing Radio. And to Sinba (段新宇) from the British Consulate-General who has not only helped with all kinds of things consular, but also invited Chongqing TV to film the event.

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Photos from the book launch

On 24 of June 2017 we held the book launch for my new book A Dali Sketchbook (《大理外传》) at the Cangshan Library, just below the Hilton Hotel.

I really can’t thank everyone enough for how it turned out, way better than anything I’d imagined. Thanks especially though to Luo Yufei (罗宇飞) for finding the venue and general organisation, everyone at Xiao Yuanzi (小院子) for setting up, doing the posters and promotion, especially Pengzi (棚子) and Xiao Shen (小沈) for being the compere. Thanks to Ivo for filming. And everyone at Duku Press, not least Zhang Lixian (张立宪/六哥) for flying specially from Beijing – and of course for taking the book on in the first place.

And most of all CC for making everything happen and being infinitely patient.

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