My promo book covers for Penguin Books China: 1984, Metamorphosis, Pride & Prejudice, Moby Dick

The idea was to give Western classics a Chinese twist to make them appealing to a Chinese audience, to put them in a Chinese context. So here’s the first batch…


Orwell’s 1984:
Taking 1984 to be a hell on earth, with Big Brother as a Chinese devil….


Kafka’s Metamorphosis:
This is a longhorn beetle, which I found in my garden. I’ve never seen a bug like it in the UK, so for me it is a very “Chinese” beetle. The Characters on it’s wing case spell out the book title.


Melville’s Moby Dick:
I have another version of this which looks more “Chinese”, the calligraphy making up the whales tale. Unfortunately that image was too dark for the series, so we’ve got…


Austen’s Pride and Prejudice:
Chickens occasionally appear in Chinese ink painting, and I think the birds themselves have a certain arrogant, disgruntled look about them so….

Now printed on bags…

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