1. Hi Lisa… Thank you :) Glad you like the pictures.

    I used to use a Canon scanner then just adjust the levels in Photoshop. I’m not sure if it is my scanner or they all do this, but they always seem to come out too blue, so I’d slide the colour adjustment more into the yellow (sometimes red for shadows) to warm them up a bit. There is also this: http://www.jasonpym.com/stuff/2011/07/17/how-to-scan-watercolours/

    Now though a friend of mine takes a picture with a digital camera, a fancy one. The results are amazing; I only have to make tiny adjustments, it comes out almost identical to the original. And the resolution is higher than anything I’d ever need.

    I think that’s the answer really: The cameras coming out now are so good that they do a better job than the scanners, and since a lot of my work is big a camera is the only practical way to go anyway. Now I only use the scanner for line work/illustration.

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