Photos from the book launch

On 24 of June 2017 we held the book launch for my new book A Dali Sketchbook (《大理外传》) at the Cangshan Library, just below the Hilton Hotel.

I really can’t thank everyone enough for how it turned out, way better than anything I’d imagined. Thanks especially though to Luo Yufei (罗宇飞) for finding the venue and general organisation, everyone at Xiao Yuanzi (小院子) for setting up, doing the posters and promotion, especially Pengzi (棚子) and Xiao Shen (小沈) for being the compere. Thanks to Ivo for filming. And everyone at Duku Press, not least Zhang Lixian (张立宪/六哥) for flying specially from Beijing – and of course for taking the book on in the first place.

And most of all CC for making everything happen and being infinitely patient.

Zhang Lixian spoke first. I am really honoured to have him publish the book, he improved it in many subtle yet critical ways, turning it into something I’m really proud of.

He gave me a copy of the book in which he wrote in the front ”我曾侍候过一本好书“, which literally means “I have served in the publishing of a worthy book”, a play on the title of the film I Served the King of England (“我曾侍候过英国国王“ in Chinese), which was pretty much the most emotional thing to happen to me all day. And it was an emotional day.

Me and CC listening to Zhang Lixian’s talk, and Ivo running around doing the filming (she had three cameras on the go):

Then it was my turn…

Well over a hundred people showed up…

Just crazy (but thank you!)…

Joe was already bored…

The talk was followed by questions.

Then book signing:

That’s it!


  1. Fantastic photos from what looks like an amazing day! Must have been great to have seen people taking such an interest, and you looked the business strutting your MC stuff up at the front there.
    We just got our copies via Yanning’s dad – they’re wonderful in look and feel, exquisite design (pictures aren’t bad either), and it’s no nice to have them in paper form.
    Great stuff.

  2. What an amazing book launch! I’m really happy for you Jason and wish you much success with your interesting book :)

  3. Hi Mark and Alice, thank you! Yeah, amazing day, I really never expected it. I have copies of the book for both of you right here but we only just got back to Dali. Mark – glad you got copies from Yanning’s dad, I’ll wait on yours for a bit (reasons). Alice – I should get to the post office next Tuesday, I’ll let you know :)

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