Book signings in Chongqing, Chengdu and Kunming

So after the book launch in Dali we went on to do book signings in three more cities, first up was Chongqing. Thank you to the ever lovely Chong Chong (虫虫) and Ninuo Art Centre (尼诺艺术中心) who did the organising and put us in touch with Chongqing Radio. And to Sinba (段新宇) from the British Consulate-General who has not only helped with all kinds of things consular, but also invited Chongqing TV to film the event.

Thank you to Si Nan (思楠) from Chongqing Publishing House (重庆出版社) who brought along the Tang Xianzu / Shakespeare scarf. She edited the accompanying books, and also CC’s translation of Jamie Oliver and Julia Child.

The book signing was on July 1st at the Bridge Bookshop (博来居书吧) in the Starlight Place Shopping Mall (南坪星光时代广场).

So that night we got the train over to Chengdu, and the next day held the Chengdu signing at Meli & Moli (生活馆) in Hengda Square (99号恒达广场).

Thanks to Golf (E哥) and all the Amys.

Cakes, flowers, all the set up, thank you.

And thanks to Xiao Jingling (小精灵) and Manma (馒妈) for asking the only questions that stumped me.

I’m thinking about starting a cult.

And finally Kunming on July 8, held at the myL/lifestyle bookshop (南亚风情第一城生活方式).

Thanks to all my in-laws for showing up.

And to Zengjie (曾姐) from Big Tomato Media (大番茄媒体) for arranging everything and Li Yuan (李媛) for the space, time, and free stuff :)

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