Oi, mind your own…

Editorial cartoon for an article about China pinching other countries tech

I’ve started illustrating cartoons for Export Compliance Manager magazine. The above was my image for the first issue.

For the same issue I also drew the following, but it wasn’t used in the end:

(Really happy with how the waves turned out)

They said it was because the subject was a little too grim, the mask on the boat a bit too threatening. But looking at it now I think it’s because I misspelled Covid as Corvid (doh!), which would be a massive shipment of crows….

For issue two of the magazine, I illustrated an article about the ‘Week in the life of a University Export Office,’ I sent them two images – I like this one:

But the following is the one they picked… The two figures are caricatures of the people working in the export department:

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