Designing PowerPoint templates

For general PowerPoint design, first take a look at this post from Design Shack: 10 Tips for Designing Presentations That Don’t Suck. Other things you should know…

Presentation screen size (and background jpeg) – the safest bet is 1024 x 768 pixels.

PNG-24s for image files. Make sure they are low rez.

Don’t put the company logo on every page.

Make sure you are using an OpenType font if your client is on PC and you are on Mac.

PowerPoint tends to produce bloated file sizes. You can reduce this by

  • turning off the Fast Saves option (Tools > Options > Save and uncheck the box).
  • Don’t save as PowerPoint 95 compatible (it doesn’t compress images).
  • Don’t embed fonts (use universal fonts – Arial, Times etc, a little depressing but fail-safe).
  • Use low rez images – if your screen size is 1024 x 768 for your presentation, then a half page image should be 512 x 384.

PowerPoint Keyboard Shortcuts
Ctrl-M New slide
Ctrl-D Copy slide
F5 Run a slide show of your presentation, starting with the first slide.
F7 Spellcheck
Ctrl-Shift + Superscript
Ctrl = Subscript
Ctrl-Shift > Font size bigger
Ctrl-Shift < Font size smaller
Shift F3 Change case
Ctrl-Space Remove formatting
Ctrl-Shift G Group objects
Ctrl-Shift H Ungroup objects
Ctrl Drag Copy object
Shift F9 Show grid
Alt F9 Show guides
Shift-Enter When entering a bulleted or numbered list you want a new line without bullets / numbers and with the correct indent
Alt-Arrow key Nudge an object one pixel


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