Showing your work online


Web host
These are the people who host this site and a couple others I’ve had, and while I assume most webhosts are pretty interchangeable, their tech support is very impressive. Whenever I’ve contacted them about a problem (usually something annoying in wordpress) they’ve fixed it within 24 hours.


Free places to showcase your work online

These are the ones I post to regularly…

The Little Chimp Society
Twitter, via Twitpic

and here’s a list of all the one’s I’ve come across so far…

Absolute Arts
Warmtoast Cafe
Voodoo Chilli
My Art Space
The Creative Review Handbook
Jacketflap (Children’s book illustration – you can put images in your profile.)

The one site I’ve got the most out of is Illustration Friday. It’s not a portfolio site – you submit an illustration for the theme of the week – but it’s a good place to show off your work. I don’t have much time to take part now, but when I did and posted to my old website, there were always a lot of friendly comments. If you’re going to bother with any of them, IF is the way forward I reckon…


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