Watercolour tutorials

Description of process for a children’s book illustration
by Robert Mackenzie of Blue Sky Studios (Ice Age, Robots).

A comprehensive technical guide to watercolours, comparisons of different brands of brushes, paints and paper, as well as techniques and colour theory.

How to scan watercolours
Watercolours are a pain to scan, for ages mine came out either bleached or saturated, and never looked a patch on the original. This method seems to work a treat though: For a start, the Vuescan software seems to work a lot better than the Canoscan program that came with my machine (Canoscan 8400F). Once you’ve scanned the image, play about with the Curves in Photoshop; for RGB go below the diagonal, for CMYK go above (you still may need to play about with levels and vibrancy as with any scan). Thanks loads for telling me about this Clare, you’re a lifesaver.


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