How to remove ink from watercolour paper – lemon juice

I searched online and found a few solutions, including acetone and hydrochloric acid, but what we had in the house was lemon juice and bleach. Lemon juice not only worked a bit better, but seemed to erode the paper less than the bleach.


  1. Hi, I came across your article after getting some drops of Windsor & Newton sepia waterproof drawing ink on a painting I was working on, 300g paper. After some experimentation with various liquids (including those in your article). However, I found the best way of removing the ink was using a Dremel type mini grinder with a slightly rounded stone grinding head. By being VERY careful I was able to completely remove the ink then by light burnishing with a plastic spatula flattened the paper fibers then applied a very diluted solution of pva I got to a surface ok to paint on, not perfect but pretty good. Thought you might find this of interest.
    Best regards

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