Windows Explorer makes Windows 7 crash

My problem is within an hour of opening Windows Explorer, something goes wrong. Either Explorer will crash, shutting itself down along with a couple other programs, or Windows will crash entirely, complete with the blue screen of death that I haven’t seen since Windows 95. Exciting.

If I don’t open Windows Explorer, all is good. But that’s not really a solution. I’ve tried the following, but neither worked. I’m still looking for something that works for me.

Solution 1

Click the “Start” menu, and type “Folder Options” in the search bar without the quotation marks. Press Enter to see the dialog window.

Click the “View” tab to see a set of check boxes falling under “Advanced Settings.” Tick the “Launch Folder Windows in a Separate Process” checkbox (in Chinese this is “在单独的进程中打开文件夹窗口”).

Click the “OK” button to apply the changes.

Solution 2

Copy and paste the explorer.exe program from C:\Windows\ to C:\Windows\System32


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