Remove local text formatting in Indesign

Indesign uses the term “Style overrides”, which means all the manual, individual changes you make to paragraphs after paragraph styles have been applied, so that the text style differs from its assigned paragraph style.

There is a useful command that gets rid of all these local styles, and returns everything neatly to the document paragraph styles: Select all the text frames you want to change, then in the Paragraph Styles panel open the drop down menu (the little arrow on the top right of the panel) and select “Clear overrides” (清除优先选项 in Chinese). That’s it.

By the way, if you want to keep words and paragraphs that have individually formatted styles – to make these paragraphs immune to “clear overrides” or Paragraph Styles – then you can use “Break Link to Style” (in Character Styles or Paragraph Styles panel drop down menu), which is “断开到样式的链接“ in Chinese.

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