Indesign keyboard shortcuts [Windows]

These are the one’s I’ve needed to look up because I use these commands a lot, but the shortcuts aren’t intuitive (so things like Ctrl-S for save isn’t included).


This is really useful! Removes all guides, margins etc. showing you exactly what it will look like when printed

Place (image) Ctrl-d
Show text frames
(toggle on/off)
Go to previous/next double page spread Alt+Pgup / Pgdn
Adjust text tab length
Open/close Pages panel
For some reason my Pages panel is always open by default, getting in the way of the work space, this toggles it out the way
Glyphs Shift+Alt-F11
Send object forward or back Ctrl+[ or ]
Send object to the front (top) or absolute back Shift+Ctrl+[ or ]
Ungroup Shift+Ctrl-g

(Group is Ctrl-g)

Swatches F5
Layers F7
Paragraph styles F11
Character styles Shift+F11
Override master (makes things like text frames on the master pages editable in the actual document) Shift+Ctrl+Click
Scale graphic Shift+Ctrl+Drag
Fit double page spread in view Alt+Ctrl+0
(Fit page in view is Ctrl+0)
Zoom view in and out Ctrl+ + or –
Show Baseline Grid Ctrl+ ‘
Snap to Document Grid Shift+ Ctrl+ ‘

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