How I set up my Intuos Pro tablet for Photoshop

[I’m using an Intuos Pro medium and Windows 8.1, BTW] First open up “Wacom tablet preferences” (Wacom数位板属性). You’ll get something like this:

Note that for the “Application” (应用程序) Photoshop is selected, and we’re on the Expresskeys tab. I usually set up the following Expresskeys, top to bottom:

[Ctrl-S] to save.

The touch ring is for zoom (the default).

X – to toggle between foreground and background colours, especially useful when you’re painting something like a solid colour layer.

[spacebar] – activates the hand tool so you can move around the picture

[Ctrl + Alt] – when this is held down along with right click (which you’ll set on the pen itself, see below), you just have to drag the pen left and right to adjust the brush size. If you hold this down, right click, and move the pen up and down you adjust the pen hardness. Note: Don’t let the pen touch the tablet when adjusting, the pen needs to hover.

For the pen options, I just push the pen sensitivity (“tip feel” (笔尖感应)) down a notch (so you have to press slightly harder, this helps with smoother strokes. Double click distance is right down so I don’t double click by mistake.

The forward button on the pen is set to right click, and the back button is set to undo (Ctrl+alt+z).

By the way, once back in Photoshop, wherever you see “Control” (控制) in the Brush options you can apply Pen Pressure (钢笔压力). Here’s what the brush stroke looks like with Shape Dynamics (形状动态) and Transfer (传递)’s Opacity both using Pen Pressure (note Opacity Jitter is at 0%):

June 2015 edit… Just seen this posted by Frenden:

“You have to set Wacom’s drivers to report their full 2048 levels of pressure. On Windows machines, they default to 1024 levels of pressure reportage for legacy compatibility.”

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