Veg samosas


These are a lovely, quick accompaniment to any meal or as a standalone snack. Using wonton wrappers really speeds things up, and you can always make extra to freeze for another day. They are great on their own, no need for any dipping sauce.


1 tbsp Black Dragon Indian Spicy Curry Salt
3 tbsp chili powder
1 tsp freshly ground black pepper
400g potatoes
, cut into chunks
250g cauliflower, cut into small florets
250g carrots, sliced
125g peas
1 onion
4 cloves of garlic
, finely chopped
1 finger fresh ginger, minced
1 fresh green chilli, finely chopped
1/2 lemon, juiced
fresh coriander, chopped
24 wonton wrappers (at least)


1. Cook the vegetables until soft: Boil the potatoes for about 12 minutes, the cauliflower about 8 and the peas for only a minute. The carrot slices can be steamed. When done, drain all the veg.

2. Meanwhile in a large frying pan fry the onion until soft, then add the garlic, ginger and green chili. After frying for a few minutes the aromas of the spices should be released, then it’s time to add those vegetables. Crush them in the frying pan to make the stuffing for the samosas. Once well mixed, add the salt, black pepper, chili pepper, and lemon juice to taste. Put on one side. When cool, add the coriander.


3. Place the filling on the wonton wrappers, wet the edges and fold into a triangle, place on its back (not lying flat) like a Chinese jiaozi dumpling.

4. The stuffing is already cooked, so they don’t need much more. You can deep fry, just until golden brown. If you bake or use an air fryer, you should brush the samosas with oil, and bake in a preheated oven at 200C for a couple minutes. That’s it




1汤匙 墨龙印度辣咖喱盐
1汤匙 辣椒粉
1 茶匙 现磨黑胡椒粉
400克 土豆,切成小块
250克 花菜,切成小花
250克 胡萝卜,切成薄片
125克 青豌豆
1个 洋葱
4瓣 大蒜,剁成蒜蓉
1小块 生姜,剁成姜蓉
1个 新鲜青辣椒,切碎
1/2个 柠檬的汁
2两 新鲜芫荽,洗净切碎
30个 馄饨皮(大概)

1. 把蔬菜煮熟:把土豆煮12分钟,花菜8分钟左右,豌豆只需要最后1分钟,胡萝卜片可以在煮锅上蒸熟。蔬菜煮熟后沥干水分,压成泥。

2. 用一口大的平底不粘锅,放少许菜油,先把洋葱炒软,加入大蒜、生姜、青椒炒3分钟左右,至香味扑鼻,就可以把所有蔬菜加进去了。全部搅匀后可以根据自己的口味加适量盐、黑胡椒粉、辣椒粉和柠檬汁。再次拌匀后静置一旁,稍微冷却后加如切碎的芫荽。

3. 把馅儿放在馄饨皮上,用清水把边缘抹湿,折成三角形捏好封口,好像中国饺子一样摆好。4.可以用中温油炸一两分钟,至两面金黄即可。也可以用air fryer空气炸锅,每一个饺子上面抹一点点菜油,180度,3-5分钟即可。还可以用烤箱,预热到200度,抹上少许菜油后烤30分钟左右。香味飘出来了,口水已经流了一地啦!

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