Dynamic spell-check in InDesign – fixed

I often work directly in InDesign (rather than copying text over) so it’s useful to have Dynamic Spelling turned on. Like in Word, this underlines misspelled words in red. Go to:

Edit > Preferences > Spelling > and tick the box for Dynamic Spelling
编辑 > 首选项 > 拼写检查 > 启用动态拼写检查 [打勾]

Note that the red dynamic spelling lines do not appear in Preview mode (press “w” to toggle in and out of Preview).

It will also not work unless you have your paragraph style and character panel both have the language set to English! (At least half the time I’m working in Chinese, and this is usually my default language).

For documents where the default language (on the Character Panel) is not set to English, go through all your paragraph styles and set the language to English. Then close and open your document. The dynamic spelling may still not show up (it only shows up on certain text frames for me). Now run the spell checker under the edit menu (or hit ctrl+I). As you spell check, you’ll see the dynamic spell checker kicking in and it should work throughout your document now, in every text frame.

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