PDF fillable form with customised font

Note: You can create PDFs with fillable forms in Indesign only, BUT for this you cannot specify the typeface – it’ll always be Times New Roman (though you can set the size).

1. Create the file you want in Adobe Indesign. For each part of the form you want people to be able to fill in themselves make a text field, select it, and go to window (窗口) > interactive (交互) > buttons and forms (按钮和表单). A panel will pop up and you can choose whatever, for example “text field” (文本域) and “event” meaning how the user chooses to fill in this part of the form (“mouse click” (单击鼠标时).

2. Now export the file as an interactive PDF and open it in Adobe Acrobat.

3. In Acrobat, go to Tools > Interactive Objects > Select Object, the click on the field you want to format. Once the field is selected (with a dark blue bounding box around it) right click and pick “Properties”. A new panel will open, go to the Appearance tab and choose the font and font size.

That’s it! You’ll notice there’s lots of other things you can customise, but that’s a starter.

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