Things I always change when I reinstall Microsoft Word

This is more of a personal reminder, but these are things I always change in Word, it’s all automated features which irritate me slightly. The menu paths are for Word 2016, but I’m pretty sure it’s the same at least as far back as Word 2010.

Spell check for all-upper case words
File > Options > Proofing > uncheck ‘ignore words in upper case’
文件 > 选项 > 校对 > 忽略全部大写的单词

Capital letters, hyperlinks, lists
File > Options > Proofing > AutoCorrect Options > uncheck ‘capitalize first letter of sentences’, ‘capitalize first letter of table cells’,
文件 > 选项 > 校对 > 自动更正选项 > 句首字母大写,表格单元格的首字母大写

then on the ‘Autoformat as you type’ tab uncheck ‘replace internet and network paths with hyperlinks’, ‘ordinals with superscript’, ‘automatic bulleted lists’ and ‘automatic numbered lists’.
文件 > 选项 > 校对 > 自动更正选项 > 键入时自动套用格式 > Internet 及网络路径替换为超链接,序号替换为上标,自动项目符号列表,自动编号列表

Tragically, in Word 2016 there does not seem to be an easy way to turn of certain collections of letters and symbols being automatically changed into a yellow emoji. This was easy to switch off in previous versions. One small step…

Change the menu/UI/display language
I prefer working with Chinese menus, go to
File > Options > Language > Choose display language, and you’ll get a link to ‘change your settings here’, then click on the language you want and choose ‘set as default’ (You have to restart the program for this to take effect).
文件 > 选项 > 语言 > 选择显示语言 > 设置为默认语言

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