Ghost outlines on Indesign PDF images

After exporting my Indesign document as a PDF I ended up getting black ghost lines around images, lines that didn’t appear in Indesign, like this:

Solution: It looks like Indesign is just not happy with the transparency of the Photoshop file. In the end I just saved it as a jpeg with a plain white background and that did the trick. Not a very satisfactory solution, but it worked.

Here are the things I tried that didn’t work:

  • I thought it might be that I was saving in an old PDF format (Acrobat 5), so I tried exporting in Acrobat 8/9 – the line was still there.
  • One online forum said when they had this problem it was because the background paper colour was given CMYK values. I had a look (right click on the paper colour in the swatch tab), but CMYK were all at 0. That wasn’t it.
  • I thought it might be because it was an 8 bit image (Image > Mode > 8 bit, 图像 > 模式 > 8位/通道), and so saved it as a 32 bit image – that didn’t work either.

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