Jiaozi and Guotie (pot stickers)

Jiaozi (餃子 jiǎo zi) are the small Chinese dumplings, they can be steamed or boiled. Here’s how to make…

Boiled Jiaozi

We live in the Himalaya foothills, so water boils at about 95 degrees – this means the dumplings tend to be too soft and fall apart (northerners always complain about this). To raise the heat of the water, and get proper firm jiaozi, it’s best to use a pressure cooker. All the recipes on the page assume you are cooking the jiaozi from frozen.


  1. Boil water in the pressure cooker. Once the water is really boiling throw in the jiaozi and put on the pressure cooker lid.
  2. Wait for the little red button on the pressure cooker lid to pop up, this means the cooker has reached a decent heat and pressure, once you see a jet of steam from the release valve (set at 1 or 2) the jiaozi are done – turn off the heat, wait for the red button to drop down. Pour cold water on the lid, and the jiaozi are done, you can take them out and serve on a plate.
  3. The remaining water is made into soup as it retains all the flavours of the jiaozi, just add a little salt and throw in some Chinese cabbage leaves (baicai).

Guotie (pot stickers), pan fried jiaozi


  1. Pour about 1cm deep of water into a frying pan (skillet). Place the jiaozi in the water, bring to the boil and keep boiling for about 6-7 minutes (Even though you’re frying the jiaozi in a pan, if only oil was used and you didn’t boil them in this bit of water the filling of the jiaozi would still be frozen while the outside was cooked.)
  2. In a small bowl, mix flour and water. When the water in the frying pan is almost boiled away, pour the bowl of flower and oil into the pan. When this has fried brown on the bottom of the jiaozi, giving them that nice crispy layer, the jiaozi are done.

Note: If not cooking form frozen, use less water and less time to cook the guotie.

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