Joey’s steamed fish

This recipe is from our friend Joey who runs the 云台 hotel in 海东,大理.

  1. Wash the fish, drain off excess water, rub with salt and leave for half and hour.
  2. Place slices of spring onion (葱 on its own means spring onion, not 洋葱) and ginger in the bottom of a pan. Cut slices into the side of the fish, lie in the pan, and splash on some cooking wine (料酒), then place more slices of spring onion and ginger on top.
  3. Steam the fish for 15 minutes (place the spring onion and ginger dish with the fish in the steamer once the water is already boiling).
  4. Make a sauce: On tablespoon of sugar, five tablespoons of soy sauce ( 豉油 = 生抽酱油) and heat until the sugar has melted.
  5. Dump the ‘fishy’ liquid from the pan the fish was steaming in, pour on the sauce, sprinkle on some heated vegetable oil and coriander leaves as a garnish.
  1. 鱼杀好,洗净控水,抹盐腌半小时
  2. 葱段姜片铺在盘子底下,鱼身两边划几道口,淋一点料酒,撒上葱段和姜丝。
  3. 水开锅后放鱼。蒸十五分钟。
  4. 调料汁(一汤勺糖,5汤勺蒸鱼豉油,加热至糖融化)
  5. 倒掉鱼盘里的腥水,淋上料汁,烧热油淋在鱼身上面,撒芫荽叶装饰。

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