Fried tomatoes and eggs

This is a common dish found in restaurants and made at home, 番茄炒鸡蛋. I thought it was a healthy option, but now seeing how much oil goes into it I’m going to avoid it in the future.

  1. First peel and chop the tomatoes into chunks, cut spring onion leaves into small pieces. Whisk 3-4 eggs.
  2. Pour oil into a wok until you have about a cm deep pool in the middle, put on a high temperature, when it starts to smoke you can flick some egg into it: If the egg bubbles up all fluffy, it’s hot enough. Dump the rest of the egg in and stir into scrambled eggs, they will be very fluffy but you’ll also notice all the oil has been absorbed. Pour out the eggs into a bowl and leave on one side.
  3. Put the tomatoes in the wok and start heating the tomatoes – on a lower heat now, or they’ll burn. Sprinkle salt over them, this will help extract the juices and soften them.
  4. Once they have boiled down into a ragout-like mush throw in the eggs and spring onions, stir, and that’s it.

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