How to be an illustrator

At a certain point you have to leave childish things behind, and one of the childish things is a sense that ‘Wow, I can draw’ or in my case ‘Wow, I can read’… You feel you have what’s called a talent, but as you become an adult, if you hope to make things, you have to give up the preoccupation with talent otherwise you’ll spend your life painting beautiful pictures of fruit bowls that look exactly like fruit bowls. – Zadie Smith

Find a unique style.

[The illustrator] must realize that his own interpretation, even if not quite so literally accurate, is his only chance to be original, to excel a thousand others who also can use mechanical devices. Even a poor drawing exhibiting inventiveness and some originality is better than a hundred tracings or projections. – Andrew Loomis

The Process Behind Good Illustration Brilliant article on what illustration is and how to create it.

Christoph Niemann talk
A Quicktime talk and slideshow by Christoph Niemann all about his editorial illustration and how he works. Great stuff.

How I became an illustrator
…by Penelope Dullaghan, the lady behind Illustration Friday.

How to Illustrate a Children’s Book

Chris Wormell’s world of animals
On the Guardian website – ten pictures plus process.

Dani Draws
Friendly blog by illustrator Dani Jones where I first came across useful photoshop tips, such as Texture: How to Make Better Art with Jelly Beans, and Create a Watercolor Painting in Photoshop. And this is about the art supplies she uses.

Empty Easel
Good for practical information, but I wouldn’t mind a complete site index.

Color + Design Blog
Apart from themed posts on colour (vintage cars, etc), there’s also stuff like Color Basics: Dos and Dont’s.

Comic Tools
Tutorial site, I came across it because of this post on making your own stay-wet palette for water colour and gouache.

Convince me you are not a flake
A guide to being an illustrator, mostly about mistakes made.
Instructional videos on painting.

Drawing for classical animation
Good for cartoon-style illustration too.

Winsor & Newton
The art supply company. Lots of great information, tutorials, videos, history of pigments etc. Newsletter is worth signing up for.

Artist Daily
From the publishers of the American Artist series of magazines.

Wet Canvas
is an artists’ forum, but a bit of a mixed bag. You might find something useful in the article index, though.

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