Logo colour

Bold, bright colours: Grab the attention, but can appear gaudy.
Muted, subtle colours: Sophisticated, but can fade into the background.

In Western design, these are symbolic and psychological colour associations (colours in order of frequency of use in logos, blue being the most used logo colour):

Blue: Dependable, trustworthy, professional, serious, sincere, calm, possesses integrity. The most popular logo colour.

Red: Energy, passion, dynamism. Often used for food related logos (red said to stimulate appetite).

Yellow: Optimistic, sunny, warm. Also used in food.

Orange: Innovative, youthful, approachable.

Green: Natural, organic, ethical, vegetarian. Why tech companies like X-box and Nvidia use it I don’t know.

Pink: Feminine, baby.

All this is nice and neat, and good to bear in mind, but is only a loose rule of thumb. There are so many glaring exceptions to the above:

Of the 100 most valuable brands in the world:
51% are monochrome
30% are two colour
19% are full colour

Also check out this page, which expands on the above and has some useful links.

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