Sample invoice for freelance illustrators (UK)

If you’re writing an invoice for a UK company, here is one that works:

Please note, I am not a UK resident so do not pay VAT. Unless your illustration business is very small scale you will need to include VAT details – there is excellent information about this here.

So you don’t need to format it like this, but the essential things to include are:

  • The word ‘Invoice’ in big letters somewhere near the top :p
  • An invoice number. This needs to be useful to you, so for example mine has the date (3rd April, 2020 would be 200403) plus the consecutive number of the invoice, which I leave four figures for. So it ends up looking like 2004030165. If you put this number in the file name, you’ll also get all your invoices in a nice neat order by date.
  • Your name, address, email, phone number
  • ‘Bill to’ and the client’s name (business name), address, email, phone number. I found a lot of the sample invoices online to be confusing, it’s not immediately apparent which is your address and which is the clients. The two solutions I like are either putting them side by side in clearly marked boxes, or your address at the top like a business letter (in the UK the ‘proper’ way is to have it right justified on the top right hand corner).
  • A description of the work, the quantity (number of spot illustrations, etc), unit price, total price.
  • Payment details

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