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Animation Backgrounds
Rob Richards has painstakingly restitched animation backgrounds from beautiful, hand-painted animated films (mostly Disney). The blog is no longer being updated, but there’s so much already there – worth checking out the comments sections too, as there’s a lot of useful info.

Animation Archive
Not just animation but scans of all kinds of stuff – mostly pre-1970s.

Golden Age Comic Book Stories
…and classic children’s book illustrations, and pen and ink.

Stunning illustrations from obscure out-of-print books, lots of good pen and ink.

Vintage American paperback covers 1939 > 1959. Also check out the colophons.

The Book Cover Archive

Excellent Book Covers and Paperbacks


Online Art Museums

Los Angeles County Museum of Art


Rijks Museum

Google Art Project

The Art Renewal Center
Largest art online resource.

The Athenaeum
43,000+ images and growing, images supplied by users.

Over 33,000 images.

V&A Images
Stock image site for the Victoria & Albert museum.

The Web Gallery of Art
European Art from the Gothic to the Romantic periods (1100 to 1850). Over 20,000 images.

Mostly 19th century art from the Pre-Raphaelite and Symbolist movements.

The British Museum

National Portrait Gallery
160,000 portraits from the 16th Century to the present day.

The National Gallery
All the Gallery’s paintings can be viewed online.


Stock Photos of Fine Art

Art Resource

Scala Archives



Some illustrators I like…

Michal Dziekan
Jing Wei
Dean Yeagle
Ojan Zargarbashi
Caroline Church
Raw Toast Design
Crayon Legs (Sarah Lippett)
Carlos Araujo
Nate Williams
Justin Gerard
Kathy Weller
Nicola L Robinson
Marcelo Vaz · Folio | Personal
Joel Trussell
John Hendrix
Fabienne Verdier
Ken Taylor
Roger Xavier
Ellen Forney
Alex Dukal
Tomer Hanuka
Kristina Rowell
Irma Gruenholz
Alfred Currier
Tadahiro Uesugi
Josh J. Holinaty
Jason Crosby
Paul Hunter
Will Terry
Victoria Topping Illustration Blog
Mark Ulriksen
Mary Ann Rogers
Patricia Storms
Tove Jansson (Hobbit)
Tom Rhodes
Stuart Kolakovic
Estúdio Alice
Gwen Keraval
Phil Wrigglesworth
Ronald Kurniawan
You Byun
Meridth Gimbel
Jon Klassen
Rohit Iyer
Solongo Mellecker
Blue Sky Disney: Pixar In Pen & Pencil & Paper..
Chris Turnham
Corey Parker
Katrin Wiehle
Matthew Forsythe
Britney Lee
Matthew Scott
Lisel Jane
Stephan Martiniere
Dadu Shin
Victoria Topping Illustration
Jason Raish
Emmanuel Malin
Sarah Lippett
David Jien
Ryan Peltier
Sergio Masala
Matt Lee
Chris Buzelli
Josh Kirby
Aaron Blecha
Alberto Cerriteno
Phil McAndrew
Dale Simpson
Michael Wandelmaier
Robb Mommaerts
Ingela P Arrhenius
Britt Spencer
Abbey Ryan
Ken Perkins
Al Hirschfeld
Jay Fletcher
Winona Nelson
Joel Trussell
Josh Cochran
Howell Golson
Irkus M. Zeberio
Laila Hills
Dan Page
Chris Oatley
Kate Slater
Angela Eata
Jack Long
Jeremy Holmes

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